small steps back to you

Finding the true you again


Hi there.  What this site is all about is the slow journey step by step back to the person you were before you had kids (or insert your own saga).  I don’t aim to be an expert in any particular field of experience-I am just offering my particular style of insight.

I don’t apologize for my brand of humour because that’s me.  Its taken a long time to get back to being me again and i am not giving me up ever again!!!

Don’t be surprised if you recognise song lyrics etc in my posts as i constantly find myself  losing track of time whilst listening to some of my varied musical tastes.

I live in North somerset just south of Bristol. The Hook tribe consists of me, my wife and our two lovely children. Please let me know if there is something particular you would like the hooky spin on , and please leave comments as i am still trying to give this blog some shape.

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  1. Hey Andy,

    Blog looks good! You put the rest of us to shame (must get the bike out more this year!).

    Just a quick message – It was you waving like a mad man this morning?


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