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Helping a Friend

One of my work colleagues is starting to ride to work on her mountainbike, and has asked for suggestions for suitable tyres that she can ride both on singletrack (once we get her up to speed) and to commute on. Having been a cycle commuter for several years now, i should know what should be suitable so will explain my suggestions.

The thing is with having a bike you want to use on mud as well as tarmac is getting the grip/resistance balance right.
Whilst you need knobs on the sides to hook up for grip when cornering on the singletrack there doesnt need to be an aggressive tread over the the centre of the tyre.

I have always relied on Schwalbe tyres for my commuting duties due to their puncture resistance as well as the longevity. Whilst they are not the cheapest tyres you could buy they are good value if they last as long as mine have!

The Schwalbe Landcruisers are a good balance for both duties and i have used these on several of my bikes so i have grip on the dirt paths etc that my commute has. The last set that i replaced were replaced only because they were down to the canvas on the centre of the tyre! It was then when replacing them i noticed two thorns that would have burst the tube with most other tyres.

The other thing that Mel needs for the bike is a new brake cable inner & outer as the old one is rusted up and frayed. I replaced the front one last year and should really have done the rear one at the same time.

I have listed the links for the items mentioned above so Mel can get them ordered and i will fit them when they turn up!

So go on get them ordered Mel!!

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Time for some rebuilding

Well what can i say other than i have been so busy doing all the mundane stuff that life throws at us, that i have neglected the blog. Starting now i will be spending more time trying to put my thoughts into words & pictures. This week has been a cause for much spannering on George Dawes (my trusty commuter bike).

I noticed that the bottom bracket was stiff and getting quite noisy. This wasnt really a suprise as i rode the bike though flood water up to my shins last winter!
Firstly, i had to measure up the bottom bracket so i could order a new one along with a new chain and some winter lube to keep George rolling through this coming winter.
Well lets just say that getting the old bottom bracket out wasnt easy (what ever is!)so i had to purchase a new Bottom bracket tool as my old one was losing the battle.
With a wide flat washer and the crank bolt to hold the tool firmly in place i managed to exert enough leverage with a large spanner and brute force to get the old bottom bracket out. Once measured i ordered the correct size and the other bits mentioned previously.

Having gotten the old bottom bracket out the rest seemed easy work for an old spanner hand like me. i will shortly put a video showing the extraction of the old bottom bracket etc on Youtube for others to use as reference to do the job themselves.

Well having George ready for the winter to come is one less thing for me to worry about. Listed below is the shortcut for the tool i used to extract the bottom bracket.

Hope you all have a good week this week.
Keep an eye out for more regular posts from myself.

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3rd Day of Biking

Well I only managed a quick ride around the block in the dark last night. Today is another matter as its my first day of commuting into Bristol in 30Days of Biking. The 12 miles in were cold but very bright and I thoroughly enjoyed my ride in today. I am very lucky in that my commute takes me through Ashton court Estate as the last part of my journey.
Here are a couple of pictures I took on the way in today.



Here’s hoping everyone also had a lovely ride today.

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1st Day of Biking

Well, I took the opportunity to go down the Strawberry line with my son James on his balance bike. We rode a couple of miles(albeit at James pace) stopping regularly to look at livestock/wildlife.
As it is very cold still we had to take a detour into the Strawberry line cafe for a hot chocolate to warm up!

30 Days of Biking has begun.


The calling of my soul


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